166 – Electronic Power Control Unit – 2017 Hyundai Ioniq

2017 Hyundai Ioniq

NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V532 Manufacturer Hyundai Motor America Components HYBRID PROPULSION SYSTEM Potential Number of Units Affected 218   Coolant may Contact EPCU and cause Stall If coolant contacts the EPCU, a stall may result, increasing the risk of a crash.   Summary Hyundai Motor Company (Hyundai) is recalling certain 2017 Ioniq Electric Vehicles. Manufacturing defects within the Electronic … Read more

Recall 165: 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Driver’s Seat Belt Anchor Bolt (TSB #17-01-048)

NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V365 Manufacturer Hyundai Motor America Components SEAT BELTS Potential Number of Units Affected 17,160   Driver’s Seat Belt Anchor not Fastened Correctly If the bolt was not sufficiently tightened, driver’s seat belt may come unanchored in a collision, increasing the risk of injury to the occupant.   Summary Hyundai Motor America (Hyundai) is recalling certain 2017 … Read more

Recall 164: 2015-2016 Hyundai Sonata & Genesis Parking Brake Switch

NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V359 Manufacturer Hyundai Motor America Components PARKING BRAKE Potential Number of Units Affected 161,074   Parking Brake Indicator may not Illuminate If the parking brake indicator is not illuminated when the parking brake is applied, the driver may operate the vehicle with the parking brake partially engaged, increasing the risk of a crash.   Summary HyundaiRead more

Engine Runs Rough, Idles Rough, DTC P0335 – 2001 Hyundai Sonata & Santa Fe

Group ENGINE MECHANICAL Number 01-20-002-1 Subject 2001 SONATA/ SANTA FE 2.4L ENGINE RUNS ROUGH, IDLES ROUGH, DTC P0335 Date OCTOBER, 2001 Model 2001 2.4L SONATA/SANTA FE   This TSB has been revised to add a procedure to index the oil pump / balance shaft sprocket. Not properly indexing the sprocket may cause an engine vibration, … Read more